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Uganda is a beautiful country. This is the source of the Nile, a birder’s paradise, keeper of the mysterious “Mountains of the Moon” and home to the endangered mountain gorilla in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Uganda is remembered for its beauty, its serenity and its sheer diversity. Endless lakes, rivers, waterfalls and wetlands make Uganda a lush tropical haven. Lake Victoria dominates the South, her blue waters forming the Nile River which journeys the length of Uganda. The legendary “Mountains of the Moon” and the Virunga volcanoes form the Western borders. The far North stretches towards the Sahara and the East transforms into arid plains. Uganda is a safe destination, beginning to rebuild its reputation and while currently accommodations are quite basic, the great attractions of Lake Victoria, Queen Elizabeth National Park, the Kazinga channel and Murchison Falls are as beautiful as ever. Uganda is nestled on the western arm of the Great Rift Valley and benefits from flora and fauna species of both East and West Africa. The country boasts the highest population of the endangered mountain gorilla, the rare shoebill stork, and shy sitatunga. Guests can also trek to see chimpanzees in the wild. Uganda offers guests a wealth of wildlife, spectacular scenery, and warm and welcoming people.

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