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Planning a memorable holiday takes careful preparation and expertise. We have been actively compiling and booking holiday packages tailor-made holidays for over 20 years; our advice comes from experience.

We don’t simply book holidays; we create unforgettable memories for our guests. We believe that personalised attention to detail and providing the highest level of service is what makes our guests return to us again and again.

Why Choose Us

We take the time to ensure that we understand exactly what you want and then we create your own special travel itinerary – just for you. Whether your travel dream is a family leisure holiday, a romantic getaway, a dream honeymoon, a once in a life-time African safari, a bucket-list dream experience, a wedding, an adventure or you simply want to lie on a pristine and private beach and do nothing – we have the perfect destination to make sure this dream holiday comes true.

We negotiate the best rates and added value deals so you know that when you book with Suncovered, you are not only going find yourself living your own personal travel fantasy but that you are also getting the best value for your money.

Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

We believe that our earth is precious. We understand that it is our responsibility to actively promote and educate travelers about responsible and sustainable tourism. We strive to empower the local communities and indigenous people that we encounter. Conservation and preservation of the natural environment is paramount as we hold the future of our planet in our hands. We therefore work with like-minded ground-handlers who are as passionate about planet earth as we are, and we encourage our guests to be responsible travelers.

Before you travel:

Take the time to learn about the destination you are traveling to. Read about local cultures and customs and learn a few words of the local language. Your hosts will appreciate the effort.

Consider whether you could pack any items in your luggage that may be of use to local people.

We recommend: www.packforapurpose.org

While you travel:
  • Shop local. Take time to appreciate the local cuisine with local produce.
  • Do not purchase curios made from endangered species or hard woods. Local vendors may push you to buy items. Please do not support these vendors.
  • Do not donate money to people on the streets. Very often this money is used to support unsavory habits. If you wish to make a difference, ask your guide where you can donate responsibly.
  • Respect local cultures and traditions. Ask your guide if you are not sure.
  • Use water sparingly. Water is a very precious resource and must be used as sparingly as possible.
  • Recycle. Non-biodegradable waste is difficult to dispose of in many countries. Make sure you recycle wherever possible.
After you travel:

Get involved! Consider pledging towards a worthy cause – particularly in Africa and South America. We recommend the following:


Sadly, many tourist activities that involve mistreatment of animals exist because tourists support them. Many animals in captivity are denied their basic needs. Posing for photographs with wild animals, riding on wild animals or walking with dangerous predators is animal cruelty. Very often these animals are drugged to control their behavior.

Why Choose Us


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