Come and experience Africa; a world of intoxicating beauty and magic. From spectacular landscapes to majestic wildlife, our African holidays will leave you breathless. Witness the great migration of wildebeest across the African plains or feel the sand under your toes. Marvel at the history of the ancient Egyptians or smell the spices of a Moroccan Souk. Africa offers unforgettable experiences for everyone who makes the journey of discovery.

There is so much to explore on a European holiday. Whether you are looking for a sandy beach to relax or a snowy mountain to ski, Europe is a land of wonder. View the Northern Lights or cycle through tulip fields; shop until you drop on Oxford Street or savour the wines of Tuscany. Europe is a complementary mix of cultures and spectacles that will delight and inspire travellers young and “young at heart”.

South America is the ultimate adventure playground. Awe-inspiring mountain vistas and icy peaks await visitors from far and near. Warm, hospitable people and iconic landmarks ensure that South America enthralls and delights. Trek the renowned Inca Trail or meet a turtle in the Galapagos Islands; view the incredible Nazca Lines or cruise the Amazon River. Add a South American adventure to your bucket list – you’ll be so glad you did!

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