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Northern Ireland

Belfast is home to warmly welcoming locals and historical landmarks. The birthplace of the Titanic, the city is steeped in industrial history.

The political disturbances of Belfast’s recent history are remembered in the murals, a series of artworks along the peace lines, which bring a deeper insight into “The Troubles”. Belfast Castle and Crumlin Road Gaol are “must-see” destinations in Northern Ireland. Magical landscapes and forbidden forests lead the way to the Giant’s Causeway; a vast natural rock formation, of approximately 40,000 basalt columns, created millions of years ago by cooling lava. The medieval Dunluce Castle overlooks the wild waves. Enjoy a tipple at the Bishmills Whiskey Distillery, where friends and family have worked side by side for over 400 years to ensure the very best, smooth tasting Irish whiskey.

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